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What happens to debts when someone dies? : Directgov - Money ...
If you jointly owned your home and there's not enough money elsewhere in the estate to pay off the deceased person's debts, there is a chance that your home .

My mom died, do I have to pay off her credit cards?
I am not a lawyer, but I'm afraid the simple answer is "yes", the estate must pay off her debt. However, it can't hurt to write letters to the credit .

Who Pays Off a Deceased Person' s Debts? - Wills & Estate ...
Who Pays Off a Deceased Person's Debts? Who is Responsible . A solvent estate is one that has enough assets to pay off the decedent's bills. In other words .

Does Life Insurance Have to Be Used to Pay a Deceased Person's ...
. if the life insurance proceeds must be used to pay off the final bills of the decedent. . The life insurance proceeds will pass into the decedent's probate estate and . How Are a Deceased Person's Debts Handled Before and During Probate?

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Do Heirs Have to Pay Off Their Loved One's Debts? - Unique Estate ...
Nov 28, 2011 . If you rush to pay off debts, without a clear picture of your parents' overall financial situation, you run the risk of coming up short on cash, within .

Can creditors force me to sell dad's car to pay off his debts? - Avvo ...
Jul 26, 2011 . If there are still assets in the estate that could be sold to pay off debts that still exist in the estate, then those assets must be sold in order to do so .

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Buried Under Your Dead Relatives Debt? | Bankrate.com
Nov 2, 2011 . An individual's debts are still owed and payable even after he or she dies. An estate should pay off debts before assets are distributed to heirs.

Who is responsisble to pay off debts after death - Lawyers.com ...
The estate is responsible to the extent it can to pay off the decedants debt and in the sequence provided by law--but relatives are not required .

How to Pay Debts in an Estate | eHow.com
How to Use an Equity Loan to Pay Off Debt; How to Pay the Debt of a Deceased . Determine the owners of ALL debts in an estate, prior to taking any action.

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Do you need to pay off a person's debts with their life insurance ...
Yes. what ever estate is left is to pay off debts and then be distributed to heirs. That depends on who the beneficiary named on the policy is. If it is payable to the .

Google Answers: Probate Estate - Keeping the Home
The debts of the estate are greater than the liquid assets. . Make it clear that there's not enough money in the estate to pay off everyone.

| Handling Estate Debt :: Epilawg
Mar 7, 2011 . In a recent post What Happens to Debt at Death?, Jayne Sykora explained that it is typically the decedent's estate that is responsible for paying .

Dying With Debt: Will Your Children Inherit Your Obligations? | Fox ...
Apr 27, 2011 . One bright spot: Heirs usually won't have to pay off your credit card debt if it's solely in your name. The estate takes care of what is paid, and .

Debt Responsibility after Death in an Estate ...
Maybe the person who passed away did not prepare for his or her passing and there is not enough money in the estate to pay off the debts. All of these .

MyStateWill.com | Payment of the Deceased's Debts
An individual debt, or personal debt, is an obligation that just one person agrees to . his wife, Claire, to pay off the balance with her individually owned assets. . Finally, after all debts are paid the assets that remain in the estate, if any, are .

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