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Use Paypal's free disposable credit card number to manage ...
Jan 24, 2009 . Instead use a disposable and one time use credit card number from PayPal. It is free and all you need is a PayPal account which will .

Alternatives To Paypal's Virtual Credit Card Service? - Slashdot
Aug 1, 2010 . The service generated on-the-fly, one-time-use credit card numbers. When I called in and . Submission: Paypal virtual card alternatives .

One-Time Use Credit Card Number - PayPal Community
Oct 29, 2009 . Does PayPal offer a one-time use credit card number service to help combat recursive billings from shady companies?

RIP: PayPal Plug-In No More Single Use Debit Cards ...
Sep 7, 2010 . RIP: PayPal Plug-In No More Single Use Debit Cards . that wants to store your credit card information (for your convenience, of course!)?

paypal one-time use credit card

One Time Use Credit Cards / 1Password 3.8 for Mac (from AgileBits ...
Jan 30, 2012 . Does 1password tie into an existing One Time Use Credit Card system like Paypal? If not I'd like to have this added as a future feature. Support .

How to create a one-time use credit card number - DailyFinance
Jul 20, 2009 . Tagged: Bank of America, Citibank, credit card, Discover, hackers, one time use credit card number, Paypal, rebate check scam, recurring .

Bad Debt

Disposable Credit Card Numbers Can Protect You from Hacks ...
May 3, 2011 . Single-use credit card numbers have been around for a while and they're . Paypal used to offer disposable credit card numbers tied to your .

Use your debit or credit card to pay with PayPal
How to link your debit or credit card to your account, fees for using your card to . You can't link a gift card, prepaid card, or one-time-use card to your PayPal .

My debit and credit cards - Help Center - PayPal - PayPal
A debit or credit card can be linked to only one PayPal account at a time. . You can't link a gift card, prepaid card, or one-time-use card to your PayPal account.

Putting It Into Practice

How To Get A Free Single Use Credit Card
Jul 21, 2009 . UPDATE: Paypal discontinued their single use credit card number program. Click here for a credit card with no fees that allows you to generate .

Why did American Express discontinue their one-time use virtual ...
Mar 31, 2011 . Amex's virtual credit card numbers used to work similar to Discover Card's . Single use credit card numbers could be offered as a value-added service to . Why did PayPal discontinue their one-time credit card numbers?

Making a one-time payment
Must use Buy It Now and PayPal. . PayPal. Direct debit. Credit card. Check or money order using a coupon. Important: . Note: The option to make a one-time payment allows sellers to pay eBay fees, it is not a method for buyers to pay sellers.

online tools - Alternatives to Paypal plug-in for one-time use card ...
I use the Paypal plug-in service to generate one-time use cards to avoid giving my real credit card information to untrusted online vendors.

PayPal and one-time-use credit cards: good way to stop Internet ...
Sep 7, 2009 . PayPal and one-time-use, or virtual, credit cards have been around for . With these cards consumers can generate a new credit card number .

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  5. Use Virtual Credit Card Numbers to Shop Safely Online, Keeping in ...
    Aug 16, 2011 . Virtual credit card numbers (or single-use credit cards) offer a layer of . since then, a few programs like PayPal have shut down their service.

Controlled payment number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A controlled payment number (also called a "substitute credit card number," a " one-time use credit card", or a "virtual credit card number") is an alias for one's .

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