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PayPal Fees - For Purchases, Getting Paid and Personal Transfers
Small fee of 0.5% to 2% (depends on destination) when fully funded with bank account or PayPal balance. 3.4% to 3.9% if paying with a credit or debit card.

Accept Credit Cards Online with PayPal Credit Card Processing
Get secure credit card processing with low costs and no monthly minimums. . Two great ways to accept credit card payments—and your customers don't need a .

PayPal Payments Standard: Credit Card Services & Website ...
Online credit card processing & website payments are simple with PayPal Payments Standard. Free setup, no monthly cost, and buyers don't need a PayPal .

In order to accept credit card payments through paypal, you must have an upgraded paypal account. People buying your items can then use their credit cards .

paypal using credit card charges

Freelancers Beware of Receiving Payments via Credit Card through ...
Feb 20, 2008 . I'd had the option to accept credit card payments in PayPal, which didn't bother me at the time as the transaction was quick and I saw the funds .

Why PayPal makes it a chore to pay by credit card | Mighty Bargain ...
Apr 16, 2008 . I guess I will remove my bank account so PayPal have no way to charge to my bank account. With credit card I can get my reward point I can .

Bad Debt

Use Paypal's free disposable credit card number to manage ...
Jan 24, 2009 . One of my pet peeves is online sites that require payment with a credit card along with a “good until canceled” order to keep charging my card .

Why PayPal lost this customer over credit card fees policy | ZDNet
Aug 19, 2009 . If someone is using paypal to send money using his credit card (payapl can not charge the purchaser's CC fees by law), so how is paypal .

How to Use PayPal to Accept Credit Card Payments: 8 steps
Mar 18, 2012 . How to Use PayPal to Accept Credit Card Payments. Affordably accepting credit card payments couldn't be easier since the advent of PayPal .

Putting It Into Practice

Charging a Credit Card Using DoDirectPayment
Use DoDirectPayment to charge a credit card or to authorize a credit card for later . System (AVS) code, a PayPal transaction ID, and the amount charged.

10 Most Asked Questions About PayPal
How to use a credit card with PayPal? . PayPal will make a minimum refundable charge to your card to generate .

PayPal to take your credit card, no account needed | The Download ...
Jun 28, 2010 . The electronic payments company announced a new service that will . let software-writers accept credit card payments using PayPal without .

PayPal Fees | Should You Charge Your Clients? | JUST™ Creative
Nov 13, 2008 . That aside, I think it's perfectly acceptable to charge clients for using PayPal (or . That includes payment fees (PayPal, credit card, etc.), taxes .

PayPal's Not So Easy Credit Card Payments - Vermont Web Design ...
Feb 15, 2009 . So the bottom line is that in order to continue to make credit card payments using PayPal, you will need both a new e-mail address AND a new .

How to Pay with a Credit Card and Create a PayPal Account | The ...
Nov 30, 2007 . Credit card payments on Etsy are handled at PayPal, a secure online financial service. Depending on the seller, you may be able pay with a .

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